The SAXLAB’s GANESHA 300 XL SAXS system is the first of the next-generation of SAXS instruments making extensive use of synchrotrontype tried and trusted motorization, neutron-type experimental approaches, as well as the latest technology in networked instrument control and data analysis. Thus fully automated and remotely controllable, it represents a true leap in SAXS instrument user-friendliness and functionality.




The most striking feature of the GANESHA is that the detector is situated inside a large continuous vacuum chamber, where it can be controlled to adjust the distance between sample and detector. This allows for access to an unprecedented q-range, spanning both the very low q-range to standard WAXS range. In addition, the GANESHA has a large spacious sample area allowing for a variety of sample environments and specialized measurement techniques.

In all versions, the GANESHA makes use of recently developed detectors with an unprecedented combination of low-noise, high dynamic range, high spatial resolution, high detection efficiency and extremely high resistance to radiation damage and deterioration. In the high-end versions use is also made of the recently developed micro-focus sources providing up to a factor of 40 increase intensity over systems based on conventional sealed tube sources.

Even in the low-end versions of the GANESHA, the full functionality is maintained, including capability of performing SAXS, MAXS, WAXS, GISAXS and Reflectometry on both isotropic and oriented samples. With experience in constructing gas-detectors and lab-based SAXS systems since the 1980’s, as well as commercially supplying such systems since 2004, it has long been a dream of ours to develop the ideal lab-based SAXS instrument, providing this to the growing group of SAXS users. In our opinion, the ideal SAXS instrument is able to probe samples over a large range of length scales (SAXS/MAXS/WAXS), is able to perform many experimental techniques, while handling many types of samples and employing various sample-manipulation methods. Also, the ideal SAXS instrument for the 21 st century needs to do these things in a way that allows the non-expert to be able to easily carry out these wide range of measurements, without damaging the instrument and jeopardizing the quality of data.

The GANESHA is exactly such an instrument, and to the best of our knowledge the only commercial system living up to the ideal criteria.

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