Basic Elements of the GANESHA SAXS system

The GANESHA can be easily configured to perform any of the following measurement techniques:

SAXS / GISAXS / Reflectometry with 2D detector / MAXS / WAXS


All versions of the GANESHA consist of the following elements

(many elements having a number of options)


X-ray source (3 options - all with multilayer monochromators)

X-ray filter (motorized)

Collimation/Pinhole System - (2 Options – all Evacuated and Motorized)

Sample Chamber (3 Options: In air, Large and Evacuated, Small and Evacuated )

Sample Stage (many options- all Internal and Motorized)

Sample Viewer (Internet-enabled consisting of 2 cameras for avoiding parallax effects)

Detector Positioning Stage (3 axis: Distance from sample, Vertical and Horizontal)

Pilatus Solid State 2D photon counting Detector (many possible sizes – size determined by budget)

Multiple Interchangeable Beam stops in front of the detector

Insertable Pin-diode detector for recording beam intensity and transmission

Motor Controller

Vacuum Pumping System

Instrument server (controlling all components and the measurements)

Instrument control client (for controlling the instrument server remotely)

Data reduction software

Date analysis software

Sample standards for instrument calibration

Instrument Support Table, with instrument server and electronics integrated



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